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What if we told you that there were a lot of video games centered around garage door repairs?  Would you believe us?

Well, I certainly hope you wouldn’t, because there currently aren’t any–  I don’t think manual labor translates well when it comes to video games.

However, think of the possibilities with garage door repair video games!  It could be a fun way to orient new technicians (for us), and it could be a fun, interactive way to learn how to do some DIY stuff as a homeowner!

Granted, we still don’t advise DIY repairs due to the dangers involved, but it would be a fun concept!

I would buy it, especially if it came out for the Wii!

Miami Garage Doors | (800) 644 – 0886 | Time for Thanks

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow we thought it fitting to thank all of you, our loyal customers. We wouldn’t be here without you. Miami is out favorite place, and not just because we work here but, because we live here too. We are grateful to be in a position where we can help our neighbors and friends.

While we are at it we also want to thank our reliable garage doors! The garage door really does so much to keep us safe and so we are happy to help keep this great place safe by repairing and replacing garage doors when they get off track. And to make it even better, we are open all day Thanksgiving.

Miami Garage Doors | (800) 644 – 0886 | Cleaning Your Springs

The last time you moved homes, did you notice that a lot of items that hadn’t been dusted in some time because so dusty that they were. . .  Kind of sticky?  That’s normal, for some reason, and while it doesn’t do much damage to your old picture frames and furniture, it can wreak havoc on moving parts and machines.

What moving parts are we talking about, here?  Your garage door springs.  Something that should be well lubricated should not have a sticky, disgusting film on it that will hinder it’s movement.  That’s why properly cleaning your springs, along with other regular maintenance items is very important–  If you keep your garage door in tip top shape, then your garage door will continue to work for you for some time!

Miami Garage Doors | (800) 644 – 0886 | My garage door makes a lot of noise

Has your garage door started making a racket when you use it? If this is the case then you should most definitely have a technician out to check up on the door. There can be a lot of different reasons for this and a professional will easily be able to tell you the cause. In some cases it could be as simple as the springs and hinges just needing lubrication. Whatever the cause of the noise the techs at Miami Garage Doors will be able to give you a solution to your problem. We can even repair the problem at the time we come out for the inspections, no need to wait.

Miami Garage Doors | (800) 644 – 0886 | Take the guess work out of garage door maintenance

Have you ever wondered how you know when to repair parts on your garage door. If you normally stay on top of things you don’t want to wait until the parts on your garage door actually break to repair or replace them, you want to take care of it the instant the problem arises. If your garage doors starts to make any noises at all or is operating in a different way it is a pretty safe bet it is time to have the door looked at. The best way to make sure you are catching any problems as they arise is to have regular maintenance checks done on your door. We recommend having these checks done twice a year.

Miami Garage Doors | (800) 644 – 0886 | Time to paint or replace?

If you have had your garage door for a while then you have probably started to notice spots on the door that are wearing away either the paint has started to chip away or you are seeing spots of rust. If this is the case you might think that replacing the garage door is your only option. But in a lot of cases a technician can actually just sand down the rusted spots and repaint them fixing the problem. Re painting your door can help prevent more rust and it can definitely improve the overall appearance of the door, it is also a much cheaper option that replacing the door. Call Miami Garage Doors out today to see if we can fix the door without replacing it.

Miami Garage Doors | (800) 644 – 0886 | Regular Maintenance

If you are like most of us you don’t really think about doing maintenance on your garage door, unless it breaks. But if you keep up on the smaller repairs as they are occurring you can usually save yourself a lot of time and money in big repairs.

If you start to notice that the door is not lifting and lowering right it may just be that your springs need a repair, but if you wait until one of the springs snaps then you will most definitely have to replace it completely. There are a lot of different situation just like this. We recommend having a garage door technician come out once to twice a year to do a check up on your garage door and find any problems as they occur!

Miami Garage Doors | (800) 644 – 0886 | Do I need a jackshaft opener?

When looking on the market for a new garage door opener you may wonder which type is right for you. For most residential buildings you will want to use a belt drive opener or a chain drive opener, however, there are some times you may want to install a jackshaft opener. If you live in a complex with small garages or if your home has a very short garage, then a jackshaft opener might be right for you. The other types of garage door openers are housed on the roof of the garage, but a jackshaft opener is housed on the side of the garage leaving more head room in the garage, which can be important if you have a short garage and a tall car.

Miami Garage Doors | (800) 644 – 0886 | Same day garage door repair

Has your garage door suddenly broken down or stopped working? If so, call Miami Garage Doors. We will never make you wait days for someone to come out and repair the door. We believe in getting your garage door repaired the very same day you call so you can get back to your normal life like nothing was ever wrong with your door in the first place. Not all garage door companies focus on this level of customer service and will require you to make an appointment a few days or even week later, but we guarantee that if you call us you will have a technician to you the same day.

Miami Garage Doors | (800) 644 – 0886 | Dangers of trying to repair your garage door by yourself

Garage door repairs take special knowledge and experience. If you do anything even slightly wrong it can affect the functionality of the entire door; or worse it can cause damage or death to you. A garage door is a very heavy piece of equipment and that should be handled with care. If you need any type of garage door repair done please call in a professional garage door company and don’t attempt to do the repair yourself.

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